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Get insights into ways you could invest your money and the options available if you’re looking to grow your super, while staying up to date with what’s happening in markets here and internationally.


Employer not paying your super? How to find out & what you can do

21 Feb 2019

Billions of dollars in super contributions go unpaid every year, so if you’ve never checked your super account before, now might be a good time.

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Helping Australian women to close the gap

13 Feb 2019

The latest Financy Women’s Index scorecard shows progress in some areas but a persistent gender gap in others

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Why growth in China is unlikely to slow too far and why it needs to save less and spend more

07 Feb 2019

AMP Capital's Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, looks at the outlook for China.

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6 predictions for the Australian economy in 2019

29 Jan 2019

AMP Capital's Chief Economist Shane Oliver gives his forecast for house prices, economic growth and interest rates.

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Australian housing downturn question and answer – how bad will it get?

23 Jan 2019

AMP Capital's Chief Economist Shane Oliver answers key questions surrounding the recent housing downturn.

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2019 – a list of lists regarding the macro investment outlook

22 Jan 2019

AMP Capital's Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, provides a summary of key insights and views on the investment outlook.

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The Fed and market turmoil – the Fed turns a bit dovish but not enough (yet)

20 Dec 2018

AMP Capital's Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, provides a review of Federal interest rate changes in the last three years, what we should expect, and what investors should do.

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6 things to avoid as a newbie investor

19 Dec 2018

Whatever your age, if you’re thinking of dabbling in investments like shares, managed funds or cryptocurrencies, here are a few things to steer clear of.

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How does my super compare to other 20 and 30-year olds'?

19 Dec 2018

If your bank balance is looking a bit dreary, chances are what’s in your super fund could come as welcome news. See how you fare against others your age.

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Oliver's insights - The Australian economy in 2019

13 Dec 2018

AMP's Chief economist discusses house prices, growth and interest rates in 2019.

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Oliver's insights - Review of 2018, outlook for 2019

07 Dec 2018

AMP's Chief economists' review of 2018 and outlook for 2019 - another cycle extension.

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Superannuation changes

A number of changes to superannuation law proposed in recent federal budgets have now come into effect.

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Sorting your super

How to check your super and take control of it to ensure your retirement savings are on track.

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What is superannuation?

What is superannuation? A guide to the basics of one of your life's biggest investments.

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What is responsible investing?

If you’d like your money to make a difference to the world as well as to your future, ethical investing may be for you.

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Women and money

When it comes to managing money, research shows that many women are highly competent.

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8 ways to boost your super

14 Nov 2018

Find out ways to increase your super, so when the time comes you'll have the savings you need.

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Super and tax - how it works

Understand the different ways your super is taxed, when and why.

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Investing in property

Explore your options for building an investment portfolio with property.

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What is investing?

Growing your wealth beyond simply stashing your money under the mattress.

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Super contributions

Be across the different types, limits & benefits of super contributions.

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Ways to invest your money

Investing doesn't only have to mean super and property, there's so much more to it that can help you realise your goals.

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How to invest in property without actually buying one

24 Oct 2018

You don’t have to be a landlord, deal with tenants or put a deposit down on a home to get your foot in the property market.

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